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DIY Dream or DIY Nightmare?

| December 21, 2017
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In the day of The Home Depot, YouTube videos, Pinterest, etc, I think we all tend to see DIY projects as a badge of honor.  Building something by yourself, or completing a project yourself can be rather fulfilling, but are all DIY pursuits, better than paying a professional?  Although, I grew up in a family of farmers, truckers and construction workers, I am not always considered the handiest person to have around for those types of projects.  I did, however, have exposure to different projects throughout my lifetime and I did take woodshop in high school and even built a dresser that one of my aunts bought and to my knowledge is still in their home and functioning. 

Truth be told, I really enjoy woodworking projects, which is why three weekends ago, I decided that it was time to build some shelves in the garage to be able to better organize much of our stuff (most of which is my wife's decorations for each of the different holidays, which has become a bit excessive) and create more room for parking the number of cars that we have (info on cars to be left for another blog post).  When it came time to start to plan out the project and gather the tools, ironically, lack of organization in the garage meant that I was unable to find my framing nail gun or stud finder, which may be found later, or may not have made our most recent move, so I had to go buy a new one of each.  I wouldn't find out until two weeks later that this tool run would also lead to a $285 speeding ticket received in the mail with a nice picture of me behind the wheel, but I digress.

When the tools were all gathered and the materials purchased, the building began and as expected, things were going quite smoothly and I had a feeling of accomplishment as the shelves began to take shape and were attached to the walls in the garage and everything was level and sturdy.  Unfortunately, though, about 75% of the way through the project, that feeling of accomplishment was quickly replaced with intense pain as a nail hit a knot in one of the studs that I was attaching and curved out and into the tip of my left thumb.  It began bleeding immediately and pretty heavily as I dropped the wood and the nail gun and looked at my thumb.  My 17 year old son can attest to the fact that I didn't even utter a curse word, but it was very close!  Now two weeks later the hole has closed up, but there is still a bit of numbness as the nail went in, hit the bone and I am sure hit some nerves along the way, as well.  The reality is...this could have been dramatically worse for me.  I was even able to continue the rest of the framing that afternoon and then finish the shelves the following weekend without further incident, but I was very lucky.

So what does this story have to do with my business?  Simple, really...building shelves in a garage to hold holiday decorations and tools, is much simpler than building a financial/estate plan and/or investment portfolios.  When I have a project that is outside of my wheelhouse, I hire a professional and so should you.  My services are not free, however, I tell my clients that the fees that I charge are broken up into thirds, 1/3 is to help my clients prepare a financial plan that is truly comprehensive and meets their financial needs and to help them stay on track and not make decisions based on their emotions rather than logical, sound financial concepts. 1/3 is  based on their own time that it would take to be able to do this for themselves and to do it properly.  If you think about how much money you make per hour in your business or job, how much is it truly costing for you to do it yourself, rather than being able to focus on your business or spending time with your loved ones?  Finally the last 1/3 is to offset the potential cost of a mistake that you can make in trying to do it yourself.  A nail in a thumb is much less painful than a potential mistake that you may make trying to handle your own financial, investment and estate planning. Can you really afford to DIY your financial, estate and investment planning?

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