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The Small Business Difference

| April 07, 2018
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Well, where to begin on this post.  I had planned to write a post today about successes and what matters most in life, but after my experience over the weekend with a large wireless company, I felt that it was time better spent to discuss what makes you and I as small business owners different and what large corporations could learn from us and the way that we run our businesses.

I have been a loyal customer of of this wireless carrier for 10 + years, but unfortunately for them, the cell reception in my new neighborhood is not good, so after all of the dropped calls and poor reception, we finally made the decision to move carriers.  We ported our lines to the new carrier on 2/19, but I realized this morning that I have had two charges from the former carrier totaling about $400 since that date, so I reached out to them to try to get this resolved.  Apparently an iPad that had cellular service on it, did not get cancelled when we ported the lines.  The former carrier can/did verify that not one bit of data has been used since 2/19, but they are unwilling to reverse the charges, because they say it is my fault for not handling the line port or cancellation correctly and we had access to data on their network, had we attempted to access it.

The former carrier chose to not reverse the charges on a technicality, rather than do what is right for a customer that has spent tens of thousands of dollars with their company over the years.  This is not something that as small business owners we would ever fathom doing to our customers.  Depending on the size of our individual firms, we would have had this interaction with the client/customer ourselves, or our employees have been empowered to be able to make the decision that is right for the customer. 

At Backbone Financial and Lincoln Financial Advisors, we live by the motto of "Serve first, last and always"(SM) and I know that those of you who are reading this, you run your businesses the same way.  In reality, it has nothing to do with how big or small your business is, it has to do with a core belief that has to permeate your company and its employees to their very core.  If you ever feel that we are not living up to this in any way, please let us know and we will make it right.  If you are not a client of ours and you want to experience what we mean by this motto, I would encourage you to reach out to us to discuss the difference and how our focus on small business makes a difference in the services you receive from us compared to what you are currently experiencing.  We also believe at our core that there is a difference between having your financial planning done and having it done as well as possible.

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