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Why Backbone Financial?

| November 29, 2017
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For those of you who visit my LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, follow me on Twitter or are frequently on my webpage (this is not nearly enough of you, by the way! :)), you may have noticed that I have gone through a bit of a re-brand.  For those of you that are clients or that I have known for a long time, know that I have been in the financial planning industry for nearly two full decades now.  At one point, I marketed myself as Oak Tree Management Group with a tag line of : "The Power of an Acorn" to signify that it doesn't always matter how much money you start with, just start and you will be amazed at what it becomes.  When my family and I decided to move from Southern California to Utah be closer to my aging grandparents and to be able to pursue my MBA at Brigham Young University, I transitioned my clients at the time to a friend that was staying in Southern California and essentially sold that entire practice to him.

Since that time, I have not done any branding, other than just using my name and/or the name of my Broker Dealer, Lincoln Financial Advisors or past Broker Dealers. A Broker Dealer is an entity that I belong to in order to represent my clients in certain securities transactions.  I found that too many of my clients or prospects thought that I just worked for them and that it was not my personal practice.  That combined with the fact that I have built a practice that serves primarily small businesses, their owners and their executives and families, I have chosen to brand my practice as "Backbone Financial" as it is a widely accepted belief and my personal philosophy that these individuals and entities are truly the "backbone" of the American economy.  The big corporations are known by everybody, but more people work for small businesses in this country than for the large corporations and it is these businesses and their owners and executives that really make this country's economy go.

Growing up surrounded by small business owners, as well as a grandfather that was a farmer, it really is no wonder that I have gravitated to working with these types of individuals and entities as they really are the heart and backbone of this country.  I, too, am a small business owner and have been for nearly two decades and not just with my financial planning companies.  My strength is really focusing on businesses with 1-50 employees and helping them toward achieving their financial goals, putting retirement plans in place, or bettering the plans that are in place, helping them solidify their futures, provide tax reduction strategies, and plan for eventual succession of their businesses.

Most businesses are so focused on surviving and dominating in their industry that they don't take the time, nor the expertise to deal with their financial planning and risk management needs and for those who do, most of them are not working with somebody who is a specialist in their field, or has the integrity to always look out for their clients' best interest, which leads me to the other reason that I chose the name Backbone Financial.

Another way that the word backbone is used is in reference to somebody having "backbone".  The backbone to do what is right, the backbone to get it done, etc. etc.  It essentially says to me somebody who is going to persist and do what is right for their client, every time.  I believe firmly in serving the client, first, last and always and letting my compensation take care of itself.  Don't get me wrong, I do not work for free, but you can always count on me to let the needs of the client dictate what products are used to implement financial plans, and not any other tie to a company, type of product, or last but not least, the commission or fee paid be the driving force behind what is used to help meet those needs.

I am proud to continue to build my practice and brand by continuing to serve these individuals and entities that are so important to our economy.  If I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at 480-824-4102 in the office, or 480-469-8413 on my cell.

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